KATHNIELS: Byaheng Forever



After 10 years….

Nakakapagod. Kagagaling ko lang sa trabaho. Stress pa kamo. Hindi ko na nga namalayang 10 years na pala mula nu’ng naging fangirl ako nitong dalawang taong nasa litrato na hawak ko. Litratong kuha pa 10 years ago. Oo, nakatago lang siya sa wallet ko. Hindi ko kasi…

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"I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which."

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This is my life goal

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: You can never put a good man down!! :)”

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2012 DJ says hi to fans in doubt

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Keep holding on, it’ll be worth it #WalangBibitawKathNiels (please do not remover credits/watermark)




"Happiness is a selfish thought that can only be achieved by truly loving yourself first."

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"What does the chef recommend?"

"Sir, this is a mcdonalds"

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if i get rich my mom gettin paid first thing

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